Intro Who killed David Kentley

Who killed David Kentley?

Your team has only a limited time of one hour to search through the apartment, time in which your group of detectives and you will have to resolve the case by publication of the name of the perpetrator.

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Who killed David Kentley? 1

Even twelve years later, the assassination of Senator Kentley remains unsolved.
The body was found in his apartment with apparent signs of strangulation.

The judge in charge, made numerous attempts and investigations interrogating for months and interrogated all suspected persons, who were related to the young politician, but all without success.

Among them, not only his friends but also rivals who belonges to his political party,
Phillip and Michel. They were in the apartment at the moment of his murder.

Also his girlfriend Janet, present during that night in July and not yet decoded.
She is heiress of most of the power that David got during his short but intense career.

And Mrs. Reville, David’s mother and, in the eye of the judge, the most suspicious person, but a few years later she died on a natural way. This led to the closure of the case and further investigations due to lack of evidence and guilty.

Currently, David’s apartment remains closed under court order, since this incident.
His girlfriend Janet desperately is asking anyone who can provide some help, to be able to pursue this mysterious crime and solve it finally.
In this way, she maybe will be able to close this chapter of her life and try to
find the guilty, disassembling a suspicions that rise and hover over her.

If you do not manage this, the enigma will continue until someone who is more perspicacious can decipher it…

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